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A Way Through The Training Maze

Posted on April 22, 2013 by khuiejknec

Launched in May 2010, the NCCB now enjoys the support of the Health & Safety Executive, together with 17 trade associations and training organisations[1]that represent the interests of employers and employees within a number of economic sectors. The Construction and Facilities Management sectors are particularly well represented.

Founded by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and Human Focus International, the NCCB’s mission is “to ensure the transparency of health & safety qualifications” by working to reduce employers’ confusion about which health and safety qualifications workers need to hold and which training courses they need to undertake.

The National Core Competence Benchmark (NCCB) is a collaborative initiative that is open to any training course provider. Fundamental to the NCCB is its website which lists courses and qualifications that are accredited by trade, safety or examination bodies and ranks them against recognised training frameworks. The NCCB website now includes 559 courses offered by 55 training organisations.

Legally, employers are wholly responsible for judging who is, or is not, competent. This is an onerous duty that is hampered by the lack of any clear standards. The NCCB fills this gap by offering impartial and practical assistance to employers at the point of them choosing training courses or qualifications for their staff, as well as helping them establish the level of health & safety awareness and training associated with the work activities.

The website includes a tool for establishing development needs for employees holding specific positions, and it benchmarks the relative level of courses.

Errol Taylor, deputy chief executive of RoSPA and chairman of the NCCB steering committee said: “Employers tell us that they are very confused when trying to decide what training to provide for their employees – both in terms of identifying reputable providers and the level of course required. The NCCB now provides them with an excellent management tool to support them while they are assessing what training they need to provide for their employees and also when they are establishing the level of health & safety awareness and training.”

Rob Vondy, Head of Workforce and Leadership Policy at the Health & Safety Executive, said:  “we welcome the NCCB’s aims to improve the transparency of health & safety training and qualifications”.

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[1] See over page for full list of NCCB members