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About | National Core Competence Benchmark (NCCB)

About NCCB

The Benchmark

NCCB provides a free to access website (www.nccb.info) that has a large database of health and safety related courses. This database holds details about the curriculum of each course and provides a ranking against the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) (e.g. Entry level through to Level 8) to enable easy comparison of different courses i.e. is it a 1 hour course as opposed to one lasting 3 weeks? The NQF is being replaced by the National Credits Framework (NCF) which assigns credits to a course as opposed to a level. For the time being, NCCB will provide equivalents for both an NQF level and NCF credits.

The database is open to any training course provider – and that includes both public training courses as well as in-house bespoke courses developed by employers. There is however a minimum quality standard. All courses must be able to demonstrate independent approval or endorsement by an organization with suitable expertise e.g a relevant trade association, safety organization, examination body, government agency, university.

This website offers for the first time a single portal that employers can use to check what courses are available and to judge their extent and content. It is also hoped that the benchmark will promote cross recognition of comparable courses and reduce the amount of training duplication – a major source of unnecessary cost and frustration to many emcployers.

How it is Managed

NCCB is managed by a steering committee made-up from representatives of a wide range of trade associations and public sector training groups. This steering committee oversees the process of listing courses on the benchmark and assigning the NQF / NCF equivalent levels. The support of this diverse range of trade groups promotes cross recognition of the courses listed and ensures that the benchmark is an impartial source of information.